Friday, March 25, 2005

My First Ever Business Venture

The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) has once said that nine out of ten of income comes from trade/business. So, say for example my current salary is RM1000, this means that I can get RM9000 if I do business!!

Now that leads to the 2nd point: Why am I not doing business when the real source of income is by doing business?

The answer: TAKUT (GAGAL).

Next question: Kenapa takut gagal?

Answer: Takut barang tak laku, takut duit tak cukup dan hidup susah (business usually has its"downs" first before it gains its "ups"). Tak sanggup nak lepaskan the easy lifestyle and comfort of 'makan gaji', in other sense, the security that you will surely be paid at the end of the month.

Next question: Tapi sampai bila nak makan gaji? Sampai bila nak bergantung rezeki dengan karenah orang? Sampai bila kena obey rules orang, yg kadang-kadang tidak adil dan fleksibel?

Answer: This I have a definite answer. Insyaallah in 2-3 years time. Hopefully after I've finished my masters.

Next question: What product do I want to sell?

Answer: NBI (NBI stands for a food based product).

Question: Do I have a business and marketing plan?

Answer: ummmm....not yet (see, the preparation of business and marketing plan dah termasuk dlm that 2-3 years time frame)

But roughly, my husband and I do have a sketch marketing plan in our heads. We have yet to write down our thoughts carefully and form them into a proper business and marketing plan.

I have the utmost confidence that I will gain income 9 times more than what I'm earning rite now. Insyaallah.